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My journal is now able to be read by only people who are friends with me through LiveJournal.

Over the past 3.5 years, I have appreciated being able to have friends who are not on LJ be able to read what I write and comment on entries. However, times have changed, what I am doing with my life has changed, and having a blog that is readable only by people I know makes sense for me right now.

Thank you, everyone, for wanting to keep up with me. I hope you join LJ so this connection isn't lost!

The easiest way to read my friends-locked entries is if you have a Facebook, OpenID, or Twitter account. Then all you have to do is comment on this entry, signing in from one of these platforms and I can add you.

Alternatively, you can create your own LiveJournal account:
1) Go to livejournal.com.
2) On the upper righthand corner of the page, click "Create and Account"
3) Follow instructions. :P
4) Once you have a LJ account, go to my LJ page
5) At the top of the page click the link "About Me"
6) On my profile page, at the top right there should be a link that says "Add Friend". Click this.
7) I will accept you as my friend, then you can go to your friends page to read what I write (or just keep going to "Lossecorme", as long as you're logged in).

Comment on this entry, from LiveJournal, Facebook, OpenID, or Twitter and I'll add you as a friend so you can read what I write.


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About Me

My name is Gwendolyn.

I am a follower of Christ.

I am a mechanical engineer who designs wind turbines.

I am passionate about social justice and sustainability.

All that I do, I do with my whole heart.

My comfort zone includes some discomfort.

I want to change the world.

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April 2011

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